You Deserve a Home Free of Airborne Mold in Lafayette, LA

Don't Risk the Danger of Airborne Mold in Lafayette, LA

By using personal protective equipment (PPE), you can protect yourself during a mold remediation plan. Enviroaire offers guidelines to remove allergens and to avoid airborne mold in Lafayette, LA.


There are several levels of protecting yourself: minimum, limited, and full. The level of protection will depend on each situation and include the following:

• Gloves
• Head Gear
• Foot Coverings
• Disposable Full Body Clothing
• Full-Face Respirator With HEPA filter
• Gloves
• Eye Protection
• Disposable Overalls
• N-95 respirator or Half-Face Respirator With HEPA filter
• Gloves
• N-95 Respirator
• Eye Protection


Limited Containment

Use polyethylene sheeting from ceiling to floor around the affected area with a slit entry and covering flap. Maintain the area under negative pressure with a HEPA-filtered fan unit. Block supply and return air vents within containment area.

Full Containment

Use two layers of fire-retardant polyethylene sheeting with one airlock chamber. Maintain area under negative pressure with a HEPA-filtered fan exhausted outside of building. Block supply and return air vents within containment area.

Exposure Risk

The risk for respiratory exposure goes up if the remediation job disturbs mold and the spores can become airborne. Actions that could potentially stir up mold include:

• Using Invasive Procedures In Wall Cavity • Breakup Of Moldy Porous Materials
• Actively Stripping Or Peeling Wallpaper • Using Fans To Dry


In any of these cases, we recommend PPE to avoid inhaling mold spore and contact with the skin or eyes. Once all visible mold and mold-damaged materials have been removed and cleanup activities are completed, air quality should be sampled with a result similar to what is found outside the building.

Hiring Professionals

If cleanup seems too daunting, make sure you hire a professional contractor who will follow all of these precautions. A plan should be implemented including the collection of air, surface, and bulk (carpet, insulation, wallboard) samples to generate mold remediation plan for the professional contractor to comply with.

Your Ceiling Needs a Mold Remediation Plan in Lafayette, LA

HVAC Contamination

If you suspect your HVAC system may be contaminated with mold, consult the EPA's guide involving air duct cleaning. This is an important resource to consult before taking any further action.

Work with Enviroaire to enhance your home. Reach out to us in Lafayette, LA, with any questions you may have.