A Home That Is Free from Moisture Problems | Mold Remediation in Lafayette, LA, by Enviroaire

Mold Remediation in Lafayette, LA

Enviroaire provides mold remediation in Lafayette, LA, to fix moisture problems in commercial and residential properties. By controlling moisture, you can avoid health problems and prevent mold damage to your home and furnishings.

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Mold Damage on a Wall | Mold Remediation in Lafayette, LA, by Enviroaire

Checklist For Mold Remediation

Smaller mold problems, less than 10 square feet, can usually be cleaned yourself following guidelines found on the EPA's website. Although focused on schools and commercial buildings, the document is applicable to most building types. If you have health concerns, consult a health professional before starting cleanup.

Investigate & Evaluate Moisture & Mold Problems:
• Assess Size of Moldy Area & Consider Hidden Mold
• Clean Small Problem Areas Before Moving To Larger Areas
• Select Remediation Manager for Medium Or Large Mold Problem
• Investigate Areas Associated With Occupant Complaints
• Identify the Source Or Cause of Water & Moisture Problems
• Note Water-Damaged Materials
• Check Outside Air Ducts & Air Handling Unit
• Consultant Professionals & Communicate With Occupants As Needed
• Designate Contact Person

Plan Remediation:
• Modify Remediation Guidelines To Fit Situation
• Use Professional Judgment
• Dry Wet, Non-Moldy Materials Within 48 Hours To Prevent Mold Growth
• Select Cleanup Methods for Moldy Items
• Select Personal Protection Equipment and Protect Remediators
• Select Containment Equipment To Protect Building Occupants
• Select Remediation Personnel With Experience & Training
• Use Appropriate Personal Protection & Containment Equipment

Remediate Moisture & Mold Problems
• Fix Moisture Problem
• Implement Repair Plan & Maintenance Plan
• Dry Wet, Non-Moldy Materials Within 48 Hours
• Clean & Dry Moldy Materials
• Discard Moldy Porous Items That Can't Be Cleaned

A Clean Basement | Mold Remediation in Lafayette, LA, by Enviroaire

Cleanup Method 1

Mold spores or fragments may remain in some porous materials, but will not grow if the material is completely dried by using a wet vacuum. Steam cleaning may be an alternative for carpets and some upholstered furniture.

Method 2

Wipe surfaces with damp rags using plain water or water mixed with detergent solution and scrub as needed. If this process is being used on wood flooring, use specific wood cleaner.

Method 3

Utilize a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum after the material has been thoroughly dried. Then dispose of the contents of the HEPA vacuum in well-sealed plastic bags.

Method 4

Remove any water-damaged materials and seal in plastic bags while inside of containment, if present. It can be disposed of as normal waste.