A Home That Is Free from Moisture Problems | Mold Remediation in Lafayette, LA, by Enviroaire

Mold Inspection & Remediation in Lafayette, LA

You deserve clean air to breathe at home—and that means maintaining low levels of air moisture. If your home’s air contains too much moisture, mold can grow within the walls, making the air dangerous for everyone to breathe in. That’s why Enviroaire is dedicated to helping homeowners combat moisture and mold problems.

Depend on us for the finest mold remediation services and a thorough mold inspection in Lafayette, LA. In our hot and humid location, it’s critical to hire a professional to ensure mold doesn’t spread throughout your property. Contact us today to discuss your mold remediation needs.

A Clean Basement | Mold Remediation in Lafayette, LA, by Enviroaire

Mold Damage on a Wall | Mold Remediation in Lafayette, LA, by Enviroaire

Pure & Breathable

The EPA reports that the air inside homes and businesses frequently contains 2-5 times more mold than the air outside. For this reason, insufficient ventilation in an enclosed space can be a serious issue. Fortunately, we’re here to help you eradicate mold from any interior space. Depend on us to make your interior air pure, safe, and breathable for everyone.

Mold Remediation Checklist

Choose us to complete a comprehensive mold inspection of your property. We’ll determine mold levels and inform you whether these levels are reason for concern. Regardless of the case, we suggest mold remediation as the best strategy for guaranteeing your safety. Our mold remediation checklist includes:

  • Investigating and evaluating moisture and mold problems.
  • Planning a remediation strategy.
  • Remediating any moisture or mold problems.