You Deserve a Home Free of Airborne Mold in Lafayette, LA

Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Lafayette, LA

Protect your family’s health and your home’s value by maintaining healthy indoor air quality in Lafayette, LA. Our Enviroaire consultants will thoroughly inspect your property to identify problem areas and determine the best plan to remediate mold. We start by limiting your exposure by creating a plan that contains airborne mold.

Following an established program minimizes the risks of disturbing mold and causing spores to become airborne. Approaching a mold problem without the proper precautions and equipment can spread the mold further and increase health concerns.

Indoor Air Evaluation

A comprehensive mold inspection is the first step to take before proceeding with remediation. Then you should work cautiously while using personal protective equipment (PPE). The assessment will determine the mold’s extent, and hiring trained contractors will ensure proper precautions are followed during mold removal. Ensure everyone on the job site is using PPE for full, limited, or minimum coverage throughout the process.


• Gloves
• Head Gear
• Foot Coverings
• Disposable Full Body Clothing
• Full-Face Respirator with HEPA Filter


• Gloves
• Eye Protection
• Disposable Overalls
• N-95 Respirator or Half-Face Respirator with HEPA Filter


• Gloves
• N-95 Respirator
• Eye Protection

Mold Containment

A HEPA filter fan unit forms the basis of indoor air quality and mold containment strategies that includes blocking supply and return vents in the area. If HVAC vents are contaminated, consult the EPA guide for duct cleaning.

Floor-to-ceiling polyethylene sheeting around the affected area is helpful for limited containment, while full containment should be provided by double-layer fire-retardant polyethylene sheeting with an airlock. The HEPA filter should maintain the site under negative air pressure with the fan exhausted to the outside.

Your Ceiling Needs a Mold Remediation Plan in Lafayette, LA